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Posted: Mon, 9.1.2012, 1.02
by fer
Posting to say a HUGE thank you to everyone from LDDK who participated in tonight's joint session with Folk/ARPS and CiA (and special thanks to comrade Spinoza for being the point-man from LDDK). It was a real pleasure having all of you in the session. I really hope you enjoyed yourselves too, and that we'll get the chance to fight alongside each other again soon. Lastly, if you have any words, pictures or video to share, please cross-post to the official AAR thread on the Folk forum: ... f=10&t=396

Posted: Fri, 13.1.2012, 1.53
by fer
At 3,746 words, I'm afraid my AAR post got a bit long; so rather than cross-post here's a direct link to it in the AAR thread on the Folk forum:

(sorry, I got a bit carried away!)

Posted: Fri, 13.1.2012, 9.35
by Spinoza
Fer, thank you for posting the link here on our forums, and thank you again for hosting such a large and successful coop night. Your AAR´s are always so poetic and true joy to read. See you soon.

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