co 32 Persian Invasion Pt.1-2 - A3 BETA coop pe 28.6.klo.21

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co 32 Persian Invasion Pt.1-2 - A3 BETA coop pe 28.6.klo.21

Post by Blake » Thu, 27.6.2013, 23.34

co 32 Persian Invasion Pt.1
Time: Early morning
Weather: Clear

Kalimera, soldiers! Our old enemy, the Persians, have once again launched a major invasion against our proud nation. Landings have taken place all over Stratis and the military situation is very serious. Nevertheless, elements of the airmobile 242nd Infantry Battalion charged for defence of the island will launch a counter-attack against one of the beaches.

Clear forward penetration. Iranian forces have advanced to a small village. Clear it.

Capture the beach. Invaders are disembarking troops and equipment at this small cove. Strike hard and drive them back to the sea.

Support/transport: 2 x MH-49 Helicopter

co 32 Persian Invasion Pt.2
Time: Night
Weather: Clear

Kalispera, soldiers! Despite fierce resistance, 242nd Battalion is being overwhelmed by Iranian forces - we are falling back on all sectors. Our only hope is to get reinforcements from the mainland. Meanwhile, we must delay and harass the enemy.

Ambush enemy convoy. Iranian forces are pushing inland from the beaches. Ambush one of their convoys and fall back.

Fall back. Major Papandreou is gathering scattered Greek troops. Fall back to the assembly point.

Support/transport:: N/A

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