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Posted: Sat, 27.2.2010, 23.19
by cri74
Hello there and let me start by wishing you all a good weekend :)

In regards of tomorrows (28 feb) match we are able to team up 13-16 guys. Unfourtuneatly some of our members are attending a NATO exercise at the moment and cant come, as for myself i have to work(every effort to change duties was impossible). I hope we still would be welcome for another getoghether when your island is finished :)

So tomorrow there will not only be VI, but allso the norwegian special forces known as L.A.M.B.S [Land/Air: "Make it go Booom" Squad] helping us out. Toghether we will be about 13-16 highly trained soldiers and terrorists ready for action.

As to how to communicate before/during/after the match there are questions in our forums and we hope you can post current information about this in the thread allready made by Spinoza @

Contact person is now Animal_Mother and hes putting the teams together.

Thanks again and hope there will be lots of fun and hopefully a next time too.

Best regards

Posted: Wed, 3.3.2010, 20.37
by cri74
Here is a video and a article about the NATO exericise VIDEO in this link push VIDEO

Posted: Wed, 3.3.2010, 22.20
by Blake
[unofficial]I hope we will join NATO someday.[/unofficial]

EDIT: Looks like were already there: :cool:

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