Nollakaks's service history
Talkootyön Ansiomitali

Participating a squad meeting


Exemplary service

Rank: Korpraali
Training: Kiväärimies
Recruited: 08.06.2015
3.6.17 Awarded with the Bronze Dollar Ribbon for actively participating in Operation Raw Deal III on the island of Altis in the spring of 2016.
24.1.17 Awarded with the Men of Tanoa Ribbon for taking part in a combat operation in the campaign conducted in the Tanoa region in January 2017.
25.2.17 Reserves by request.
6.12.16 Awarded with the 2nd Class Marksmanship Ribbon for high quality marksmanship shown in the Detachmental Marksmanship Competition of 2016.
6.12.16 Promoted to Korpraali (korpr).
26.6.16 Assigned to the Light Squad (1R) as a Machine Gunner.
4.6.16 Awarded with Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
30.3.16 Awarded with the 1000-Tales Service Ribbon with stars for taking part in all of the missions in the campaign conducted in Altis.
17.10.15 Awarded with Talkootyön Ansiomitali (TA) for participating in a squad meeting.
27.9.15 Promoted to Sotamies (stm) and assigned to the Jaeger Squad as a AT Rifleman.
8.6.15 Recruited to LDDK.

Squad Meetings Participated in: 2
(17.10.15, 4.6.16)