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The 10th Pakkaskyllikki in Kannus
Pakkaskyllikki, the traditional winter meeting of LDDK, was held from 13 February to 16 February. A nearly annual meeting, it has been organized since 2008.

While the officers were not present, ylik HaBa and ylik Scottz led the participants through the traditional disciplines of the detachment.

The iconic Kahvi-Baari of Kannus was once again conquered by friendly members of the detachment, and several entertaining billiard matches were played.

Charlie Frank, Haba, Scottz, Arto, Sakinz, Ukka, Strat, Nouty, PeteDad, and Shuko were awarded Talkootyön ansiomitali for participating.

Strengthening the Team in 2020

LDD Kyllikki has begun its 19th year by organising an internal course for non-commissioned officer training with the aim of improving leadership and tactical skills of those members who have the task of or may at times find themselves leading a squad or a platoon.

The course is the fourth one to be arranged, earlier NCO courses having been held in 2004, 2009 and 2013–2014. As a relatively small detachment, LDDK upholds high standards in leadership among other things to best serve all members and keep the experience enjoyable.

Concerning all members and others who play on our server, recent improvements in ARMA 3 ACE medical system will guarantee that there is plenty to learn and to do in the coming weeks. The learning curve is steep but rewarding, given that it will reflect directly on casualties.

LDDK is recruiting. If you are a Finnish player of at the very least 18 years of age and are interested in cooperative missions in a tight-knit group of primarily Finnish Defence Forces reservists, read more here.