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LDD Kyllikki's Perpetual Conflict
On Sunday 16 April the Detachment conducted its 14th combat operation this year and its 28th major operation since the beginning of the 2016 fall season. For many years now, LDDK troops have gathered to fight the enemy on each and every Sunday of the year outside of their annual winter and summer leave, when members spend more time with their friends and family or meet each other in real life in one of the many squad meetings organised every year.

The benefit gained by being a part of such a tightly-knit group of people can often be best observed when under stress. In the video below, shot last Sunday, the platoon has suffered heavy casualties under overwhelming odds and is exfiltrating the area in a quick manner when it suddenly encounters an enemy squad running straight at it in the woods. The cool demeanour and high efficiency of the LDDK members is a thing of pride for the platoon's leadership: It seems clear that every man knows exactly what he is doing and has complete trust in the soldier next to him.

LDD Kyllikki, the oldest and most accomplished active Arma detachment in Finland, is currently recruiting Finnish players of at least 18 years of age. Should you be interested, see if you are up to the challenge.
The Men of Tanoa
LDD Kyllikki has completed a three-mission campaign in the Tanoa region. Despite heavy losses inflicted to the enemy forces, Tanoan soil is still controlled by two factions, both greedy for power.

For their participation in the gruel battles, members of LDD Kyllikki have been awarded with The Men of Tanoa ribbons.

For participating in every mission and surviving: The Men of Tanoa Ribbon with Golden Anchors and Survivor Strings.

kapt Psykoisi
ltn Raunhofer
vänr Sami
alik HaBa
korpr Naatti
korpr CZ
korpr Ukka
korpr Mika

For participating in every mission: The Men of Tanoa Ribbon with Golden Anchors.

yliv Broileri
ylik KuiK
kers Kassu
kers Scottz
alik Arto
alik Stellar
korpr Hammer
korpr Nouty
korpr Pionjaer
korpr Epa
stm Vultyr

For participating in at least one of the missions: The Men of Tanoa Ribbon.

korpr Nollakaks
korpr Sakinz
stm Hesari
Happy New Year 2017!
LDDK wishes everyone a very Happy New Year 2017!