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LDDK Supports the "Art of War" Charity Pack
Bohemia Interactive has published an Arma 3 "Art of War" DLC, the proceeds of which will be donated in full to the International Committee of the Red Cross to help ensure humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence.

The "Art of War" can be purchased through Steam for the prices of 1.99, 4.99 or 9.99 euros, as chosen by the buyer, and it will become free for all players by the end of the year.

LDD Kyllikki recommends using the "Art of War" DLC when playing on LDDK servers.

West Germany 1981 – Lines Held, But With Massive Losses!
Von Döbel’s incredible story.

Martin von Güllich, Reuters

Wolfsburg, 16 January 1981. The city seems intact, its habitants enjoying the surprisingly cold winter day. Next to me sits the newly promoted Major von Döbel. It’s the second day of the cease fire. Just three days ago the main elements of the Panzerabteilung Türms were engaged to a fierce combat in Querenhorst right by the border with the GDR. Their initial push was assisted by the real hero of the battles in Lower Saxony area – Section Döbel. The unit was led by the experienced armored recon officer, captain von Döbel.

Despite the rather light equipment, von Döbel’s outfit was able to stop the initial push of the GDR army and severely delay the arrival of their heavy armor and other reinforcements. Suffering casualties, Döbel’s unit successfully cut the local main route, Bundesstrasse 244, and managed to hold their position for another 24 hours.

1 Von Döbel's outfit assembled for a photo next to a disabled PT-76 on 8 January

The heroic tale continued just a day later when von Döbel’s unit was again engaged in a fierce battle. This time they met the enemy near Rennau, where a small detachment of the Bundeswehr was facing a major enemy assault. Section Döbel’s presence made the West German victory possible. During the battle the unit managed to destroy several road bridges of the nearby motorway, Bundesautobahn 2.

2 A destroyed bridge on the crossroads of Bundesautbahn 2 and Bundesstrasse 244.

For these achievements, captain von Döbel was to be promoted to the rank of Major. But before this could happen there was still a major battle to be fought. After a few days of rest, von Döbel’s outfit was tasked to support the main offensive in the area. The offensive was led by Oberst Türms. During heavy fighting, both units suffered severe casualties, and the assault to Quarenhorst failed. The attack was still a tactical victory for the Bundeswehr. GDR forces began securing their supply and lost the initiative. During the next two days, the negotiations resulted a cease fire that is still valid. Maybe it is time for peace.

3 PzAbt. Türms' Leopard has hit a mine near Querenhorst

This campaign event was organized on LDD Kyllikki’s Arma 3 server between 8 November and 22 November 2020. In recognition of their participation, the following members have been awarded with the Eastern Eggs Campaign Ribbon:

maj Broileri

vänr Sami

yliv Blake

vääp Scottz

ylik HaBa

ylik Kuik

kers Kuokkanen

kers Epa

kers Vultyr

alik Arto

alik Sakinz

korpr Hammer

korpr Ukka

korpr Mika

korpr Hesari

korpr Altrix

korpr Ottomaani

korpr Maako

korpr Pionjaer

The mission briefings and the excellent story-like after action reports can be found (in Finnish) on the forum: http://kyllikki.fi/cgi/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1881

Happy New Year 2021!
LDD Kyllikki wishes everyone a very Happy New Year 2021!