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Post by 114-1121344827 » Mon, 18.7.2005, 17.57

Hi guys, curious if anyone else has had the same problem we are having with the band of commrades series. We have finished all 5 maps but, the 6th one will not run correctly. The squad that have to save the general fails immediately. This ends the mission. As soon as the mission begins it goes into mission failed. The guys have not even landed on the ground by helicopter.It works fine if I play it on my own. We have taken the time to do all the maps and not getting the end one done really sucks. Any thoughts?
Thanks again. refracter :banana:
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Post by Broileri » Wed, 20.7.2005, 9.09

Have you tried it with AI on so that there's a "player" in every position?
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Post by 114-1121344827 » Wed, 20.7.2005, 18.30

Hi Broileri, thanks for the response.
The default in the map is A.I on any players that are not picked by anyone in are group. The only thing we have changed is that on all 6 maps we have "set spawn to group" since there are only 6 of us playing. All the other 5 maps worked great. We even tried to D/L the map again to fix it and it will not work if someone is hosting and others join in.
I have played it alone to make sure. I can do it myself. So can the others.

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Post by 114-1121344827 » Thu, 21.7.2005, 23.58

Hi all I guess that no one can help? Thanks anyway. Keep up the great maps.
Refracter :D
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