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Post by 65-1132149016 » Wed, 16.11.2005, 15.57

Hiya, :)

Well the problem is with all sound mods i have tryed. Problem that i'm having is that vericals\heli sounds are way to loud. I play every thing in 1st person view and when your in a helicopter and talking on teamspeak is near impossible. I've tryed editing the origenal sound file but the wss NEVER decodes to well making the sound file bigger.

Is there any chance if some one could cut down the sounds for in verical and heli to about 70% ?

If no one has the time to do this could some one give me inks to whot programs they use please ?

Than You!
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Post by EiZei » Wed, 16.11.2005, 21.16

It's not really supported anymore. The same work continues in FDFMOD which has plenty of LDD Kyllikki members as devs (including our smelly audio wizard Goeth :banana:).

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Post by 65-1132355183 » Sat, 19.11.2005, 1.31

AsRock wrote:when your in a helicopter and talking on teamspeak is near impossible

I used to have the same problem when trying to comunicate with people while being inside of a vehicle.

To solve it what I did was enable the onboard soundcard of my motherboard (which, until then, I hadn't taken any profit of) and use it exclusively for TeamSpeak (connecting it to the microphone and some earphones) while keeping the PCI sound card solely for the game (connecting it to the desktop speakers).
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