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Post by KuiK » Tue, 23.2.2010, 17.16

This guide will show you how to install, setup and connect to the
#Kyllikki irc channel on Quakenet using the program mIRC.

mIRC is just one of many Internet Relay Chat clients allowing you to connecting to an irc network,
if you would like to look for alternative ways of connecting please do a google search using "IRC" as your keyword.

Step 1 - Download mIRC

The first thing you need to do is download the client software from

Step 2 - Install mIRC

Next step is to install mIRC software, to do it you need to launch downloaded executable file.

Once installed check the "Run mIRC" box and hit the finish button.

Step 3 - Connecting for the first time

This section will deal with how to connect to #kyllikki for the first time.

When you start mIRC you will get a pop up window telling you how many days you have left of your evaluation of the program.
For now we don't have to worry any more about that, just click continue.

Select "Servers in the list to the left.
Find the folder for Quakenet and select your preferred option.
Regardless of which Quakenet server you select, you will be connected to the same chat room as anyone else entering the #kyllikki room.


Select "Connect" in the list to the left.
The two most important options on the next screen are those for selecting your nick, and alternative nick.
The alternative nick will be used if someone connected is already using your preferred nick.


You can then click the Connect button and mIRC will connect to your chosen server.

Once you have connected to a server, your mIRC Favorites window will pop up.
This window stores a list of your favorite channels and allows you to join them quickly and easily.
You can type in the name of a channel, such as #kyllikki, or you can select a channel from the list.

You can then click the Join button and mIRC will join your chosen channel.

Ylikersantti KuiK, Squad Leader
2nd Squad, LDD Kyllikki
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