Epa's service history

Exemplary service

Rank: Kersantti
Training: Kiväärimies
Recruited: 20.10.2013
2.10.21 Assigned to the 2nd Jaeger Squad "Ahma" as the Squad Leader.
4.6.21 Awarded with the Squad Leader Course Ribbon for active participation in the Squad Leader Course IV.
4.6.21 Awarded with 2nd Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
15.2.21 Awarded with the Eastern Eggs Campaign Ribbon, for taking part in the fierce battles of a potential World War 3 in Weferlingen, Germany.
6.12.20 Promoted to Kersantti (kers).
6.12.18 Awarded with the 5-year service ribbon in recognition of his long and active service.
6.12.18 Promoted to Alikersantti (alik).
25.9.18 Assigned to the 3rd Squad as the Second-in-Command.
24.1.17 Awarded with the Men of Tanoa Ribbon with Golden Anchors for taking part in every combat mission in the campaign conducted in the Tanoa region in January 2017.
6.12.16 Awarded with the 2nd Class Marksmanship Ribbon for high quality marksmanship shown in the Detachmental Marksmanship Competition of 2016.
6.12.16 Promoted to Korpraali (korpr).
26.6.16 Assigned to the Heavy Squad (3R) as a Heavy Weapons Specialist.
30.3.16 Awarded with the 1000-Tales Service Ribbon for taking part in the campaign conducted in Altis.
4.6.15 Awarded with Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
31.3.15 Awarded with the Fallschirmjger-ribbon with the KSK-insignia and the diamonds for participating all the missions of the campaign.
16.12.13 Promoted to Sotamies (stm) and assigned to the 2nd Squad as an AT rifleman.
20.10.13 Recruited to LDDK.

Squad Meetings Participated in: 0