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Meeting in Northern Karelia
A traditional gathering of LDDK members was held in Northern Karelia. Although distance to the closest terrorist state was less than 60 km, only sporadic large-calibre rifle fire was detected.

State-of-the-art thermal equipment helped the participants to determine that the lake was cold, while the sauna was hot. On Friday, a local peak was summitted without anyone getting lost.

The catering for the event was built around the fundamentals of Scottish cuisine: whiskey and haggis with cranachan to follow. In addition, well-marbled Waguy steaks, Swedish kanelbulle, homemade meat pies and archipelagoan appetizers were served.

Korpr Ukka, maj Broileri, kers Kuokkanen, kers Vultyr, kers Kegetys and korpr Nouty were awarded with Talkootyön Ansiomitali (TA) for participating.

Autumn 2022 in Kyllikki
LDD Kyllikki's autumn season of 2022 started on 11 September with a campaign by kers Kuokkanen.

The summer break had been surprisingly gentle on the combat skills of LDD Kyllikki members, with no noticeable loss in performance. Despite a feared airdrop start and night operations, the autumn's first mission was an outstanding success.

In the following missions the usual strengths and weaknesses of the detachment could be observed, and further practice is still needed. Towards the end of the year, on every Sunday, LDDK's combat skills will be honed to perfection. By New Year the detachment will have become a leaner, meaner digital fighting machine.
New Recruit
Jake has been recruited to the Detachment.

LDD Kyllikki's Summer 2022 Meeting Held
The Detachment gathered in the Isojärvi National Park for a summer meeting. Away from the internet and even electricity, members of Kyllikki luxuriated in the beautiful and peaceful environment of Lortikka.

Despite the lack of modern amenities, the participants enjoyed excellent food and plentiful drinks in the warm and sunny weather. As usual, also competitions were held. This time the participants were tasked with challenges including agility, creativity, sense of taste and understanding of geometry.

LDDK is grateful for the expert advice and excellent indgredients provided by the Box Café & Grill in Sipoo, used by LDDK chefs to the limits of their abilities.

The meetings was kers Kuokkanen's fiftieth since his joining the Detachment in 2003. To celebrate the occasion, kers Kuokkanen was awarded the high rank of Detachment Meeting Nestor, a new title to be given to any member participating in 50 official LDDK meetings. Furthermore, kers Kuokkanen was made LDD Kyllikki's Standard-bearer as currently the most active participant of LDDK meetings in history.

Furthermore, maj Broileri, vänr Scottz, vääp Haba, kers Kuokkanen, kers Kegetys, alik Pionjaer, alik Stellar, alik Ukka, alik Arto, korpr Beat, korpr Naatti, korpr Nouty and korpr Shuko were awarded Talkootyön Ansiomitali for participating.

Finnish Defence Forces Flag Day
In celebration of the Finnish Defence Forces Flag Day, a traditional platoon inspection was held on 5 June 2022.

For over 20 years, LDD Kyllikki has proven her combat capabilities time and time again, with the whole Detachment forming up on the server most Sundays of the year. On land, at sea, and in the air, and with the dedication and outstanding skill of each and every member, Kyllikki keeps up her relentless fight against the enemy.

Vääp Haba, kers Epa, kers Vultyr, alik Sioux, alik Ukka, korpr Maako and korpr Mika were awarded with Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.

War in Ukraine
Russia began hostilities with Ukraine in February 2014, seizing Crimea and parts of Donbas, and escalated the conflict in February 2022 with a major invasion targeting the whole country of 44 million people.

LDD Kyllikki encourages everyone to help the Ukrainians and support Ukraine's cause. You can do so by donating via one of the following channels, among others:

The Red Cross of Ukraine, which provides vital help for the Ukrainians.

The National Bank of Ukraine, where donations are to be used for supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Bohemia Interactive has created a special Arma 3 charity bundle, including Arma 3 and Laws of War DLC. All of the net revenue will be donated to humanitarian aid charities. You can buy the bundle here.

Slava Ukraini.
LDDK Takes on the 1944 Red Army
The year 2022 was kicked off with World War II action. LDD Kyllikki fought a defensive campaign of three missions based on the major Soviet offensive against Finland in early June 1944. Radios, body armours and assault rifles were entirely absent; forced marches, bolt-action rifles and horror in the trenches were served for everyone involved.

The first mission was a reconnoitre behind enemy lines. Not much can be told about the outcome as no one returned for debriefing.

The second mission was a defensive battle in well-prepared positions of multiple concrete bunkers and connecting trenches. The enemy started their offensive with both an aerial bombardment and artillery barrage. A single enemy tank advanced daringly through a minefield and parked unpleasantly close to the trenches. Even after taking multiple hits from anti-tank weapons, it eventually wiped out every last member of the detachment. Surviving soldiers from the neighbouring platoon described the actions of LDDK members as valiant and selfless.

The third mission was a retreat in good order to more feasible defensive positions. A highly aggressive enemy turned the retreat into a series of stalling actions. After heavy casualties on both sides, the enemy thrust was finally stalled at the gates of the village of Tyrisevä. The campaign’s last mission was, then, a success.

As the author of the campaign, Vääp Haba's ingenious use of existing DLCs and addons turned Arma 3 into an immersive World War II experience. Bicycles, the enemy's Lend-Lease equipment, the lack of radios and other decisions worked very well together in the “Myrskyn silmässä” campaign

Happy New Year!
LDD Kyllikki wishes everyone a very Happy New Year 2022!