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Summer Meeting In Southern Savonia
LDD Kyllikki held a summer meeting from June 6 to 9. The event started with a visit to the Infantry Museum in Mikkeli, after which the Detachment manoeuvred to an undisclosed location.

The 80th anniversary of the D-Day Normandy invasion was commemorated with an audio-visual spectacle that made the participants feel like they were actually taking part in the landings.

By a happy coincidence, the meeting was held quite near the Astuvansalmi rock paintings. In the spirit of D-Day, a masterful water crossing was conducted to visit the rock paintings.

The Finnish summer treated the Detachment fairly. As usual, the detachment enjoyed a long sauna, swam in the lake, ate well, gazed at the fire, enjoyed refreshments, and were amused by the continuous calls of a large number of cuckoos.

Broileri, Scottz, Kegetys, Kuokkanen, Ukka, Nouty, Arto, Pionjaer, Mammoth, Maako, and Altrix were awarded the Talkootyön Ansiomitali (TA) for their participation.

Mammoth was awarded the honorary title of Nuotiopäällikkö for attending 18 Detachment Meetings.

Finnish Defence Forces Flag Day
In celebration of the Finnish Defence Forces Flag Day, a traditional platoon inspection was held on 2 June 2024.

After the inspection, a deep penetrating raid was conducted along a narrow river to the inner holdings of the enemy. After an eventful evening, the enemy suffered unbearable losses, while LDD Kyllikki was able to pull out in fighting order.

This event concluded the season, and members of the LDD Kyllikki will have some well-deserved rest and recuperation time. LDD Kyllikki will continue the everlasting fight later in September.

Yliv Haba was awarded Rovajärven risti (RR) for great endeavours and extraordinary service for the benefit of whole LDDK. Recruited to the Detachment in 2012, yliv Haba is one of the true cornerstones upon which LDDK has come to depend on in every level of its operation, from outstanding leadership to extremely high-quality mission production, thus showing way to future success in the best tradition of LDD Kyllikki.

Vänr Scottz was awarded Kyllikin 3. luokan taisteluristi (KTR 3. lk) for exceptional leadership in combat. A capable leader of a force of any size, vänr Scottz’s decisions are logical and tactically sound, which shows as repeated success in the battlefield especially when combined with great perseverance in carrying out any task he has been given.

Ylik Vultyr was awarded Rintamaloma (RL) for extraordinary action for LDDK. Ylik Vultyr planned and created a five-mission campaign "Siege of Kavala" (4 February to 3 March 2024), contributing in no small way to the combat readiness of the Detachment.

Ylik Kuik and korpr Mika were awarded Viikonloppuvapaa (VLV) for exceptional service. Ylik Kuik and korpr Mika not only took part in every combat mission in the spring season but also showed outstanding survival skill in the field of battle.

In addition, kers Kuokkanen, alik Sioux, alik Ukka, and korpr Beat were awarded Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
LDDK 23 Years
The Local Defence Detachment Kyllikki was founded on 30 March 2001. Over the decades LDDK has been home and dugout to well over a hundred Finnish players of Operation Flashpoint and Arma 1, 2, and 3. A large number from the initial days are still active in combat or participating in detachment meetings, while many others have joined, some of whom are now leading and further developing LDDK’s operations towards her quarter-century anniversary.

LDD Kyllikki consistently organises an official game every Sunday, complemented by more casual, free-form games, primarily on Friday evenings. We are always open to players who demonstrate good behaviour, the ability to adhere to commands, and a spirit of cooperation. If you are interested in joining our ranks, please see this page for more information.

For their full and active participation in the liberation of Kavala in February and March of 2024, the following members have been awarded the Kavala Liberation Ribbon in Gold:

Maj Broileri, vänr Scottz, yliv HaBa, ylik Epa, ylik KuiK, ylik Vultyr, kers Kuokkanen, alik Sioux, alik Ukka, alik Pionjaer, korpr Maako, korpr Beat, korpr Hammer, korpr Mika, korpr Ottomaani, korpr Altrix, stm Jake, and stm Estra.

Liberation of Kavala
In February, LDD Kyllikki undertook a campaign comprising five missions to liberate Kavala from Russian forces. The combat was primarily urban, resulting in a high casualty rate among the ranks.

The campaign was led by Commander Ukka, alongside other leaders and specialists in unconventional roles. We were delighted to welcome numerous players from outside the regular LDD Kyllikki roster to join the fight.

Throughout the campaign, LDD Kyllikki utilized several armored vehicles, including a T-80 main battle tank.

The enemy was predominantly composed of VDV troops, supported by aerial assets. Ultimately, the VDV were driven to the sea, and Kavala was liberated once again!
Concerning the Geneva Conventions
In the spring of 2023, LDD Kyllikki initiated a focused effort to capture enemy combatants, a campaign that extended throughout the year.

The operation involved two dozen engagements with enemy forces, during which a number of enemy soldiers were captured, including privates, NCOs and the commanding officer of a supply depot.

Vänr Scottz, ylik Kuik and alik Pionjaer took four prisoners and survived to escort them back to the HQ.

Vänr Scottz captured two of the prisoners. In recognition of his performance vänr Scottz has been awarded Viikonloppuvapaa (VLV).

Happy new year 2024!
LDD Kyllikki kicks off the new year with plenty of action. If you thrive on extended hours and modest compensation, consider joining. Rest assured, the chances of encountering any life-threatening risks or permanent injuries are minimal.