Haba's service history

Exemplary service

TalkootyŲn Ansiomitali

Participating a squad meeting

Awarded for exemplary orienteering skills.

Pro Kyllikki

Exemplary service and great favours for LDDK.

Kyllikin Risti

Great accomplishments and outstanding service in LDDK.

Rank: Vääpeli
Training: Kiväärimies
Recruited: 11.09.2012
29.5.23 Awarded with the Golden Wrenches for his extraordinary and long-term efforts in providing outstanding missions in support of LDDK's combat capability.
6.12.22 Awarded with the 10-year service ribbon in recognition of his long and active service.
6.12.22 Awarded with 10th Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
5.6.22 Awarded with 9th Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
6.12.21 Awarded with 8th Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
2.10.21 Assigned to the 1st Jaeger Squad "Ilves" as the Squad Leader.
14.8.21 Promoted to Vääpeli (vääp).
4.6.21 Awarded with 7th Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
15.2.21 Awarded with the Eastern Eggs Campaign Ribbon, for taking part in the fierce battles of a potential World War 3 in Weferlingen, Germany.
6.12.20 Awarded with 6th Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
4.6.20 Ylik Haba was awarded with Kyllikin risti (KyR) for great accomplishments and outstanding service in LDD Kyllikki. Creating combat missions, managing materiel, training the platoon and providing leadership, Ylik Haba has over the years assumed a strong role of responsibility essential to maintaining readiness and combat capability in the whole Detachment.
8.12.19 Awarded with the Golden Wrench for the continuous provision of outstanding missions in support of LDDK's combat capability.
4.6.19 Promoted to Ylikersantti (ylik).
6.12.18 Awarded with 5th Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
25.9.18 Assigned to the 3rd Squad as the Squad leader.
1.9.18 Assigned to a temporary Squad Leader of the 1st Squad.
4.6.18 Awarded with 4th Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
6.12.17 Awarded with the 5-year service ribbon in recognition of his long and active service.
6.12.17 Awarded with the Ribbon with a Silver Wrench for continuing to provide LDDK with a number of high-quality missions.
4.6.17 Promoted to Kersantti (kers).
3.6.17 Awarded with the Bronze Dollar Ribbon for actively participating in Operation Raw Deal III on the island of Altis in the spring of 2016.
24.1.17 Awarded with the Men of Tanoa Ribbon with Golden Anchors and Survivor Strings for taking part in every combat mission and surviving in the campaign conducted in the Tanoa region in January 2017.
6.12.16 Awarded with the Marksmanship Ribbon for the Detachmental Marksmanship Competition of 2016.
26.6.16 Assigned to the Light Squad (1R) as the Second-in-Command.
30.3.16 Awarded with the 1000-Tales Service Ribbon with stars for taking part in all of the missions in the campaign conducted in Altis.
30.3.16 Awarded with the Raw Deal II service ribbon in recognition for his service in the campaign.
6.12.15 Awarded with 3rd Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
4.6.15 Promoted to Alikersantti (alik).
31.3.15 Awarded with the Fallschirmjäger-ribbon with the KSK-insignia and the diamonds for participating all the missions of the campaign.
7.12.14 Korpr Haba was awarded with Pro Kyllikki. One of the most active members in recent years, his effort and skill especially in the field of mission making have been invaluable to the detachment.
4.6.14 Awarded with 2nd Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
4.6.14 Awarded with the Squad Leader Training Ribbon for active participation in the Squad Leader Course of 2013-2014.
7.4.14 Awarded with the 9. ROTA Service Ribbon with the Stars for taking part in every combat mission during the campaign conducted in Takistan in 2014 from February till April.
6.12.13 Promoted to Korpraali (korpr).
4.7.13 Awarded with Suunnistustaitomitali (STM) for Orienteering skills: Qualified as Excellent in Orienteering test on 4 July 2013 with the time of 38:49.
11.6.13 Awarded with TalkootyŲn Ansiomitali (TA) for participating a squad meeting.
4.6.13 Awarded with Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.
30.3.13 Awarded with the Operation Bakery Service Ribbon with the Stars for taking part in every combat mission during the campaign conducted in Chernarus in 2013 from January till March.
6.12.12 Awarded with the Operation Valhalla Service Ribbon for participating in all campaign missions in Chernarus in September-November 2012.
26.10.12 Promoted to Sotamies and assigned to the 1st Squad as a rifleman.
11.9.12 Recruited to LDDK.

Squad Meetings Participated in: 21
(11.6.13, 2.3.14, 12.6.14, 13.3.15, 13.6.15, 17.10.15, 4.6.16, 30.9.16, 15.7.17, 21.10.17, 3.3.18, 11.8.18, 20.10.18, 2.3.19, 17.8.19, 19.10.19, 15.2.20, 17.10.20, 14.8.21, 27.11.21, 11.6.22)