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New Web Pages
Local Defence Detachment Kyllikki has stood on the watch for nearly a decade now. To celebrate the upcoming anniversary we are proud to publish our new and improved web pages.

As the world changes around us, so do its requirements. LDD Kyllikki has always strived to be all it can be. Our improved web pages answer to the demands of the modern day and create a solid backbone to our recruitment and information sharing.

The detachment would like to thank Raunhofer and TheArchitect for their effort on publishing these pages.
New Recruit
20.12 2010
Gladd has been recruited to the detachment. Welcome!
Match with Folk & MARSOC
19.12 2010
LDD Kyllikki shared the field of battle with the joint forces of Folk and MARSOC on a friendly game of A&D. Fifty-five fighters contested against each other on the LDD Kyllikki�s server on a Sunday evening. The burning hot desert sand eagerly gulped the blood of the dead and the wounded alike.

LDDK would like to offer their thanks to the visiting teams and hopes to meet them again in the very near future.
Squad Training in Tampere
19.12 2010
The detachment honed its skills in urban warfare on a cold december day. Equipment and location was provided by Megazone, Tampere. Sweaty afternoon was followed by after-hours entertainment including sauna, hot tub and proper beverages.

Stm Elli, kapt Broileri, ltn Psykoisi, vänr Wolfskin, kers Kuik, kers Sami, alik Gorath, alik Jaque, korpr Hammer, korpr Karko, korpr Nuatti, korpr Tahvo, korpr Beat, stm Jarger and stm Paddington were awarded with Talkootyön Ansiomitali for participating.
Independence Day Inspection
06.12 2010

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On December 6, a platoon inspection was held to celebrate Finland's 93rd independence day. The conditions were rougher than usual, as the detachment was deployed deep behind enemy lines in extreme cold and with little supplies.

Alik Kuik was promoted to Kersantti (kers).
Alik Winters was promoted to Kersantti (kers).

Korpr Raunhofer was awarded with Kyllikin risti (KyR) for his great accomplishments and outstanding service. Korpr Raunhofer has gone to great lengths to fundamentally improve LDDK's operational functionality and readiness.

Kapt Broileri was awarded with 3. lk Vapaudenristi (VR3).

Korpr Spinoza, korpr Shuko, stm Jarger, korpr Karko, alik Gorath and korpr Stellar were awarded with Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.


Campaign Ribbons Awarded
30.11 2010

The following soldiers have been seen fit to carry a service ribbon for showing unwavering courage and obedience during operative measures taken to defend the Motherland's southern spheres of influence.

Service Ribbon with Two Stars

stm Paddington

Service Ribbon with a Star

kapt Broileri

yliv Blake

alik Gorath

alik Kuik

korpr Charlie Frank

korpr CZ

korpr Raunhofer

korpr Shuko

korpr Stellar

stm Jarger

stm Luftwaffen

stm Rölli

Service Ribbon

kers Kuokkanen

alik Winters

korpr Karko

korpr Murmeli

korpr Sahuri

korpr Tahvo

stm Elli


alik Night

Родина мать зовет!