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Platoon Inspection on Finland's 100th Anniversary


On 6 December 1917, the Finnish Parliament declared Finland an independent nation after centuries of Swedish rule and over a hundred years of grand dukedom under the Russian Empire. It would take a civil war and decades of uncertainty in the tumults of the world for the fledgling nation to raise on its feet, but eventually Finland would take her place as a respected and advanced Nordic democracy.

LDD Kyllikki's annual Independence Day platoon inspection was held on 6 December 2017 in celebration of Finland's 100th anniversary.


Hesari was promoted to Korpraali (korpr).


LDD Kyllikki extends her gratitude to kers Haba, who has been awarded with the Ribbon with the Silver Wrench in recognition of his effort with the production of high-quality missions over the years and the creation of a materiel framework for operational use of the platoon.

The detachment annually recognises the long and active service of those members who have been in the ranks for five, ten, or fifteen years.

Ylik Kuik and korpr CZ have been awarded with the 15-year service ribbon.

Korpr Naatti has been awarded with the 10-year service ribbon.

Kers Scottz, kers Haba, and korpr Sakinz have been awarded with the 5-year service ribbon.

In addition, korprs Naatti, Ukka, Pionjaer and Vultyr were awarded with Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.

After the inspection, LDD Kyllikki was ordered to assess the situation in a nearby U.N. base with which connection had been lost. Soon after having arrived on the location the platoon was forced to take defensive positions against an imminent and overwhelming enemy assault. Leaving several armoured vehicles burning and heaps of fallen enemy soldiers on the ground, the platoon fought to the last man.

An Open Coop Campaign

By the order of President Donald Trump the United States Armed Forces have occupied our home island of Altis only to replace the standing government with Trump's own twisted capitalistic version of administration. Suggesting that the occupation is due to alleged corruption in our government, the invaders are quite clearly interested only in the vast lithium deposits in our soil.

Our task is to take back our homeland and help the elected government back to power. The campaign started on Sunday 19 November with large-scale artillery strikes and landing operations, and we are currently holding a foothold on the island.

The campaign is open for all Finnish-speaking players. Sign up now on our Discord channel!

More information about the campaign.

A Squad Meeting in North Karelia
Last weekend, a squad meeting was held some distance east of Joensuu. A reconnaissance detachment comprising the majority of the participants arrived in the area already on Thursday evening to make sure all was in order for those coming later. The place and its facilities, the lake included, were yet again found more than adequate. No enemy was sighted.

Contrary to popular belief, relatively little time was dedicated to military training during the whole meeting, with only Saturday afternoon seeing a reconnoitre and sniper competition. Much of the rest of the time was used to rest and recuperation, sauna included, as well as the consuming of a variety of delicious foods prepared by the close-to-professional cooks in the detachment.

Korpr Ukka, vänr Sami, yliv Broileri, ylik Sahuri, kers Haba, kers Kuokkanen, korpr Pionjaer, and kers Kegetys were awarded with the Talkootyön ansiomitali for participating in a squad meeting.

Long-range Patrol to Munich
Earlier this year, LDD Kyllikki´s decorated long-range patrol struck again. This time the patrol, led by kapt Psykoisi, directed their reconnaítre to the heart of Bavaria.

The patrol took their time to listen to gossip in local beer houses, gathering important information and sampling local cuisine and drinks. Outpost positions were then scouted in the Bavarian mountains all the way to Austria.

Local monuments were found to be in good condition and camping grounds open for public. The patrol also managed to steal the plans for the "Ultimate Driving Machine" from the local industy centre.

Prearranged transportation was used to leave the country under the cover of darkness.
Traditional Summer Meeting

In July, LDD Kyllikki gathered its soldiers for well-earned R&R. This year's traditional summer meeting was held in Juupajoki.

The meeting consisted of long-range patrolling to find a downed Hornet fighter aircraft, training sessions for the LDDK Navy in the art of submarine hunting, chunky drinks, and hot sauna.

Raunhofer, Psykoisi, Wolfskin, Charlie Frank, Kuokkanen, Jarger, Scottz, Haba, Arto, Strat, Ukka, Naatti, Shuko, Nouty, Vultyr, and Elli have been awarded Talkootyön Ansiomitali for participating.
Platoon Inspection

On the 4th of June LDD Kyllikki gathered together for a traditional Flag Day Inspection.
The inspection includes awarding deserving soldiers with service decorations and promotions.

Alikersantti HaBa was promoted to Kersantti (kers).
Sotamies Vultyr was promoted to Korpraali (korpr).

Korpr Vultyr was awarded with the Ribbon with a Silver Wrench for continuing to provide LDDK with a number of high-quality missions.

Distinguished Service Leaves
kers Kuokkanen, korpr Mika, korpr Naatti, korpr Pionjaer, stm Hesari were awarded with Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service.

Awards for the ongoing Detachmental Marksmanship Competition were also given.

ylik Sahuri was awarded with the 1st Class Marksmanship Badge and alok Scorch with the 2nd Class Marksmanship Ribbon.
Raw Deal IV Starts on Sunday

Taking advantage of political turmoil in the United States, President of the Russian Federation has decided to start a geopolitical gamble in the South Pacific island state of Tanoa, ravaged by a violent civil war.
Backing the ruthless military dictator General Jorgè Batistini, Russia plans to gain political mastery of the islands, access to natural resources and a new base for its ballistic missile submarines. Russia will employ mercenaries in the operation to allow absolute deniability in any involvement in the civil war. For the betrayed and embittered surviving mercenaries of "Raw Deal III: The Final Deal" and new recruits alike, this looks like a better deal...

Sign up for your place on the LDDK Forum now!
Raw Deal III Ribbons Awarded

With the administrative work completed, the following operators have been awarded with campaign ribbons for taking part in Operation Raw Deal III on the island of Altis in the spring of 2016.

Awarded for actively participating in the campaign and surviving.

John Stockton (Psykoisi)
Michael Brån (Kassu)
Sam McBride (Arto)
John Warren (Kuik)
Ragnar Langtskjegg (Blake)

Awarded posthumously for actively participating in the campaign.

Larry Mustonen (Strat)
Ilpo Ruuhonen (Broileri)
Joe Kinney (Haba)
Aspo Pietikäinen (Nollakaks)
Robert Pielaveti (Kuokkanen)
Miguel El Paso (CZ)
Otto Mengele (Naatti)
Erik Johansson (Pionjaer)
Winston Smith (Raunhofer)
Vasili Sotka (Scottz)
Leeroy Jenkins (Nouty)
Khalid Laachraouia (Sami)
Brian Fuger (Lufti)
Julius Giffard (Remareiska)
Timothy V. Fyodorov (Ukkapukka)
Balthasar Papados (Vultyr)
New Recruit
Scorch has been recruited to the Detachment. Welcome!
LDD Kyllikki's Perpetual Conflict
On Sunday 16 April the Detachment conducted its 14th combat operation this year and its 28th major operation since the beginning of the 2016 fall season. For many years now, LDDK troops have gathered to fight the enemy on each and every Sunday of the year outside of their annual winter and summer leave, when members spend more time with their friends and family or meet each other in real life in one of the many squad meetings organised every year.

The benefit gained by being a part of such a tightly-knit group of people can often be best observed when under stress. In the video below, shot last Sunday, the platoon has suffered heavy casualties under overwhelming odds and is exfiltrating the area in a quick manner when it suddenly encounters an enemy squad running straight at it in the woods. The cool demeanour and high efficiency of the LDDK members is a thing of pride for the platoon's leadership: It seems clear that every man knows exactly what he is doing and has complete trust in the soldier next to him.

LDD Kyllikki, the oldest and most accomplished active Arma detachment in Finland, is currently recruiting Finnish players of at least 18 years of age. Should you be interested, see if you are up to the challenge.
The Men of Tanoa
LDD Kyllikki has completed a three-mission campaign in the Tanoa region. Despite heavy losses inflicted to the enemy forces, Tanoan soil is still controlled by two factions, both greedy for power.

For their participation in the gruel battles, members of LDD Kyllikki have been awarded with The Men of Tanoa ribbons.

For participating in every mission and surviving: The Men of Tanoa Ribbon with Golden Anchors and Survivor Strings.

kapt Psykoisi
ltn Raunhofer
vänr Sami
alik HaBa
korpr Naatti
korpr CZ
korpr Ukka
korpr Mika

For participating in every mission: The Men of Tanoa Ribbon with Golden Anchors.

yliv Broileri
ylik KuiK
kers Kassu
kers Scottz
alik Arto
alik Stellar
korpr Hammer
korpr Nouty
korpr Pionjaer
korpr Epa
stm Vultyr

For participating in at least one of the missions: The Men of Tanoa Ribbon.

korpr Nollakaks
korpr Sakinz
stm Hesari
Happy New Year 2017!
LDDK wishes everyone a very Happy New Year 2017!