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Platoon Inspection

On the 6th of December LDD Kyllikki continued its tradition of an Independence Day Inspection.
The inspection started off with a helicopter flyby and included awarding deserving soldiers with service decorations and promotions.


Vultyr was promoted to Alikersantti (alik) and assigned as squad leader of the 1st Squad "Kotka".
Epa was promoted to Alikersantti (alik).


The detachment annually recognises the long and active service of those members who have been in the ranks for five, ten, or fifteen years.

kers Kuokkanen, korpr Ukka and korpr Mika have been awarded with the 15-year service ribbon.

korpr Hammer has been awarded with the 10-year service ribbon.

alik Arto and alik Epa have been awarded with the 5-year service ribbon.

In addition, ylik KuiK, kers HaBa, alik Arto, korpr Pionjaer and korpr Hammer, were awarded with Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for ecemplary service.
korpr Naatti was awarded with Kuntoisuusloma (KL) for exemplary service and for providing training for LDDK helicopter pilots.

After the inspection, LDD Kyllikki was ordered to destroy the enemy forces, which had attacked and occupied Oumere village. The operation was a great success and LDDK suffered only minor casualties, while the enemy was destoyed to the last man.

New Recruit
Altrix has been recruited to LDDK. Welcome!
New gear
On the 19th November 2018, the detachment was given its' new gear for the first time and it was immediately put into good use. On a mission “The owl is watching”, LDDK conducted several successful raids to help the local authorities and the UN-led mission in the island of Altis.

Airborne operations went smoothly and the locals gave LDDK credit for reliably taking out the enemy threat in the area and saving a number of innocent civilian lives. The detachment can be satisfied with the result, especially since the seasoned veterans were supplemented by new recruits who want to be part of the outstanding community.

LDDK conducts challenging internal Arma 3-operations on every Sunday during the winter season. Open missions for the public are available on Fridays at 2030.
Autumn meeting in Eastern Finland

Nearly traditional autumn meeting was held near the eastern border of Finland. Activities included sitting in a hot room, swimming in cold water, eating good food, telling bad jokes and of course, building a trebuchet.

Vänr Sami, kers Kuokkanen, kers Haba, korpr CZ, korpr Ukka and kers Kegetys have been awarded Talkootyön Ansiomitali for participating.

New Recruit
Ottomaani has joined the ranks of LDD Kyllikki. Welcome!
Organisational Reform

LDDK renewed its platoon structure to an airborne, specially trained force for demanding tasks which consist of three similar infantry squads.

Platoon moves around using helicopters and focuses mainly on airborne operations.
In addition each squad specialises in one of three fields: Air, Sea and Land

1st Squad -Air: Rappelling and paradrops
2nd Squad -Sea: Water crossings, amphibious landings and diving
3rd Squad -Land: Armed and unarmed vehicles, urban warfare
LDD Kyllikki Autumn Season starts
Autumn season of LDD Kyllikki started on 2 September with a daring and eventually successful rescue mission to save lieutenant Pomi from Agia Marina after a strong force of "green men" occupied the town and took him as a hostage while he was shopping.

To continue the season, LDDK will play a 3-part open co-op campaign "Reasonable Use of Force". Campaign dates will be 9 September, 16 September and 23 September. The games start at 21:00.

Open for all Finnish-speaking players. No early sign-ups, just show up.
Change of Command
Ltn Raunhofer has relinquished command of Local Defence Detachment Kyllikki. He has been succeeded by yliv Broileri, a former commander of ten years.

Ltn Raunhofer has been awarded with 4. luokan Vapaudenristi (VR4) for demonstrating excellent leadership capabilities and acting in the best traditions of the detachment whilst carrying the heaviest burden of responsibility in LDDK over the last more than two years. During ltn Raunhofer's command the detachment has seen a variety of technical and organizational advancements as well as steadfast tactical success in combat. The platoon is grateful for ltn Raunhofer's efforts and happy for his continuing work for the good of the detachment.

Summer meeting in Central Finland
For this year's traditional summer meeting, LDD Kyllikki assembled in Kinnula.

This year the meeting consisted of efforts to change history, card-based insults and patrolling in the swamp.

Kapt Psykoisi, yliv Broileri, ylik Charlie Frank, ylik Scottz, kers Jarger, kers HaBa, kers Kuokkanen, alik Strat, korpr Ukka, korpr Shuko, korpr Nouty, korpr Pionjaer and korpr Vultyr have been awarded Talkootyön Ansiomitali for participating.

LDDK's Open Coop Campaign Continues

Operation Homeland Liberation continues.

By the order of President Donald Trump the United States Armed Forces have occupied our home island of Altis only to replace the standing government with the American president's own twisted version. Claiming that the occupation is due to corruption in our government, the invaders are quite clearly interested in only the vast lithium deposits in our soil.

Our task is to take back our homeland and help the elected government back to power. The campaign started in November 2017 with large-scale artillery strikes and landing operations, and we have secured a foothold on the island.

The campaign is open for all Finnish-speaking players. Sign up now on our Discord channel!

More information about the campaign.

Squad Meeting in Ostrobothnia

A traditional squad meeting in Kannus, Central Ostrobothnia, was held in the beginning of March. Time was well spent playing board, card and sauna games while enjoying refreshments and delicacies. Local cuisine, habits and leisure time activities were once again met with fascination and awe. Even without an active officer present, the participants maintained squad ethos and etiquette par excellence.

Ylik Charlie Frank, kers Haba, Scottz and Kuokkanen as well as kapt Psykoisi, kers Jarger and alik Strat were awarded with Talkootyön Ansiomitali (TA) for participating.

Jamppa has been promoted to Sotamies (stm) and assigned to the Light Squad as a Machine Gunner. Congratulations!
New recruit!
Jamppa has been recruited to the Detachment. Welcome!
Happy New Year 2018!
LDDK wishes everyone a very Happy New Year 2018!