co 23 Night Raid on Girna - A3 BETA coop ke 26.6.klo.21:30

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co 23 Night Raid on Girna - A3 BETA coop ke 26.6.klo.21:30

Post by Blake » Wed, 26.6.2013, 1.14

Location: SW-Stratis
Time: After midnight
Weather: Clear skies

Iranian Republican Guard Commandos landed in Girna in the evening and after a brief firefight, took one American soldier as POW. A Joint Greek-US task force must defeat Iranian landing force and retake village of Girna. US Navy recon minisub USS Seasausage and elements of Greek 242nd Infantry Battalion are tasked for the mission.

Defeat enemy in Girna. Enemy strength in Girna is estimated to be around a platoon of infantry backed up by some vehicles of unknown type.

Keep POW alive. The American POW is being held presumably in some building. Try to keep him from getting hit by friendly fire.

Order of battle:
Navy Seal Minisub Recon Team (1+1)
Strider HMG (1+2)
Command & Support Squad (1+5)
1st Rifle Squad (1+5)
2nd Rifle Squad (1+5)
Zamas Truck

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