co 32 rebel yell - ArmA 3 coop su 21.7.klo.21

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co 32 rebel yell - ArmA 3 coop su 21.7.klo.21

Post by Blake » Sat, 20.7.2013, 18.04

Time: 21.7.2013 18:00
Weather: Clear

Rebels supported by Iranian military advisers have taken hold of southern Stratis and Greek army must regain control. We must patrol predefined waypoints deep in rebel area. Rebels have also placed minefields on some key locations which need to be cleared. Rebels wear civilian clothing and have basic light weapons, Iranians have more advanced weapons and equipment.
Divers and boat are located in Agia Marina while land forces are at the old outpost. Land forces are transported by 2 x Zamas trucks and one Strider patrol car.

Patrol waypoints. Patrol all predefined waypoints in the south.
Clear AT mines. AT mines are detected in two locations. They are possibly covered by anti-personnel mines.
Clear naval mines. Naval mines are protecting the bay where advisers are located. Disable the mines.
Eliminate advisers. Eliminate all enemy advisers at the bay area. Be alert for enemy AT-missiles directed towards sea.

Command&Support Team (1+3)
1st Rifle Squad (1+6)
2nd Rifle Squad (1+6)
Engineer Team (1+3)
Combat Divers (1+3)
Speedboat (1+2)
JIP Reseves (3)
2 x Zamas truck
1 x Strider jeep
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