co 34 Beyond the Frontier - ACE 2 + Caribou coop su klo.21

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co 34 Beyond the Frontier - ACE 2 + Caribou coop su klo.21

Post by Blake » Sun, 18.8.2013, 12.48

ACE 2 ja PlaywithSix asennusohje: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1480
Kannattaa myös testata että varmasti pääsee servulle jo hyvissä ajoin ennen peliä. Caribou Frontier EI LATAUDU automaattisesti servulle liityttäessä PlayWithSixin kautta.
Caribou Frontier (tulee asentaa manuaalisesti): ... rontier.7z

Place: Caribou Frontier
Time: 15.lokakuuta klo.15.15
Weather: Clear

Caribou insurgents claimed to have captured a nuclear warhead from old Soviet base and threatened to detonate it. As a precaution, US troops were evacuated from south-east part of the island. Explointing the US pullout, insurgents occupied large parts of the island. The insurgent nuke has now turned out to be just a huge bluff. Therefore USMC recon detachment Alpha and Bravo must advance deep into insurgent area and act as a spearhead for further USMC offensive. UH-60M will support evacuation of the wounded and KIAs to MASH.

Patrol waypoints. Patrol all 11 waypoints deep inside insurgent territory. The enemy is equipped with typical Russian light arms and possibly some armored vehicles especially in the eastern part.
Leave No One Behind. All friendly KIAs must be properly placed in bodybags and evacuated to MASH hospital in the airbase and laid inside hangar. Use the helicopter or vehicles to accomplish this task.

1 x UH-60M (MEDEVAC) for evacuation for USMC servicemen wounded or KIA. Alpha and Bravo teams each have 1 x HUMVEE (M240), 1 x HUMVEE, 1 x 5-ton Truck. Ammo and equipment stored in trucks. Extra bodybags inside vehicles.
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