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Post by 98-1054465308 » Sun, 1.6.2003, 14.08

hello !

I'm Bobmoran, from Operation FrenchPoint

After quite a long wait, and a lot of work (the last 48 hours were quite busy), we (Operation FrenchPoint) are pleased to announce you the relasing of the differend packs.

Weapons 2.0
It contains 14 different weapons, including :
- Assault riffle Famas F1 (debugged)
- Assault riffle Famas Infantry with Aimpoint CompML2 Optics (NEW)
- Automatic hangun MAC 50 (NEW)
- Automatic hangun PAMAS G1 (NEW)
- Minimi Para Machinegun (debugged)
- Light ANF1 Machinegun (NEW)
- Heavy ANF1 Machinegun (NEW)
- FRF2 Sniper riffle with Scrome J8 Optics (NEW)
- PGM HecateII heavy Sniper riffle with Scrome LTE Optics (NEW)
- Luchaire AC58 anti-armor riffle grenade (for the Famas F1) (NEW)
- Luchaire APAV58 anti-personnel and anti-armor grenade (for the Famas F1) (NEW)
- ABL (AT4CS) anti-armor RPG (NEW)
- Apilas heavy anti-armor RPG (NEW)
- Eryx missile launcher (debugged)
- 3 hand grenades (fragmentation LU-213, concussion AL-1, fragmentation AL-2) but those devices are only available in sngle player games, as the OFP engine deosn't support the custom hand grenades. (NEW)
- TRC9200 Radio and its antenna. (NEW)

All the ammunitions are compliant with the damage optimisation criteras :

- 5,56 mm NATO normalized ammo
- 9 mm Para normalized ammo
- 7,62 mm NATO normalized ammo (sniper and MG)
- 12,7 mm NATO normalized ammo (sniper and MG) in AP and APEI versions.

Infanty 2.0

The pack was completely debugged from the 1st version. Of course, this pack also contains a lot of new units !

What we added :
- New features like the use of hidden selections now allow to add or not rhe different compagny markings, the unit patch or even the rank patch !!
- This new version of the infantry pack contains 16 units in which 9 are new :

* Chalk leader (beret) : OFrP_Patr_Leaderinf
* Unit leader : OFrP_Inf_Leaderinf
* Medic : OFrP_Inf_Medic
* Radio operator : OFrP_Inf_TRC9200 (NEW)
* Sniper (FRF2) : OFrP_Inf_FRF2J8 (NEW)
* Heavy sniper (Hecate II): OFrP_Inf_HecateII (NEW)
* Grenadier : OFrP_Inf_Famasinf
* Grenadier (beret) : OFrP_Patr_Famasinf
* Grenadier AC58 : OFrP_Inf_AC58 (NEW)
* Grenadier AP/AV58 : OFrP_Inf_AP58 (NOUVEAU)
* Minimi machinegunner : OFrP_Inf_Minimi
* Light ANF1 machinegunner : OFrP_Inf_ANF1L (NEW)
* Heavy ANF1 machinegunner : OFrP_Inf_ANF1H (NEW)
* ABL Soldier : OFrP_Inf_ABL (NEW)
* APILAS Soldier : OFrP_Inf_Apilas (NEW)
* Eryx Soldier : OFrP_Inf_Eryx

- Implementation of the groups in OFP (they are 5) matching at best the real French army organization without killing the gameplay.
- As you were able to see above, a new naming rule was implemented. This one allows to take the best of the groups... This imply that all the missions created with the 1st version of this pack are not immediately compatible with the second version. It is necessary to replace the old namings with the new ones in your mission's "mission.sqm" file :

OFrP_Officier becomes : OFrP_Inf_Leaderinf
OFrP_PatrolOfficier becomes : OFrP_Patr_Leaderinf
OFrP_SoldierMinimi becomes : OFrP_Inf_Minimi
OFrP_Soldier becomes : OFrP_Inf_Famasinf
OFrP_SoldierEryx becomes : OFrP_Inf_Eryx
OFrP_PatrolSoldier becomes : OFrP_Patr_Famasinf
OFrP_SoldierMedic becomes : OFrP_Inf_Medic

- Two scripts were also added, allowing to simulate the smoke behind the soldier suring a RPG or missile launch, and to simulate the real "throwable" RPGs functionning (no-reload).

Air 1.0

Here, everything is new !!
There is not less than 6 rotary wing aircrafts which rejoin the OFrP fleet. The choppers are issued in "Central-Europe" camo scheme.

It includes :
SA-341 Gazelle gun
SA-342 Gazelle Hot
SA-342 Gazelle Mistral

SA-330 Puma
SA-330 Puma with winch
SA-330 Puma Pirate

And of course a custom pilot, armed with the MAC50 hangdgun.

Those helicopters use several scripts, like :

- Dust script.
- Case ejection script.
- Rappeling script from the Puma.
- Automatic landing gear functionning script for the Puma.

To test those addons as fast as possible, a new MP mission was created by Flo_Wer, named Damocles. This mission is completely original, and its parameters were carefully set up to get a huge realism aspect.
The older mission Sarin War, released with the firsts packs was also updated to use the new features of the Weapons & Infantry packs.

Version 1.91 required !

you can find more infos and the download links on our site


So, thanks to Kegetys, Blake & Murmeli, who gives us permission to include the Apilas model and scope

Of course, we give all credits in the readme and on our site :)

If you are interrested, we have made some improvments (cpp, sounds, an a high-realistic no-reload script)


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Post by Blake » Wed, 4.6.2003, 0.49

Excellent :) Hopefully more nationalities will make mod of their armed forces...your pack is definately among the best so far.
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