Respawn and the spectator script - Can it be done

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Post by 86-1053915612 » Mon, 26.5.2003, 5.26

Firstly, you guys have done great things for OFP, so from the guys I play with regularly, thanks for your work.

I have a small group of players online, and some missions I need to edit to add respawn side...just so we have a better chance of finishing the mission.
One mission, Save Trosky uses your spectator script but doesnt include respawn.
Can I add respawn to the mission without problems with the script? Or can you tell me what to add to the script so that respawn is possible, and then when all reinforcements are used, the script activates?

Save Trosky Mission info and Download

Cheers in advance


Post by 86-1053915612 » Thu, 5.6.2003, 0.40

Firstly, this Spectator script is Kegetys so I should have addressed it to him.
Secondly, Ive trialled the script with respawn active, and it works fine. So my question has been answered. Just wished someone could have advised me here. Oh well, it was worth the try.

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