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Post by 74-1056152837 » Sat, 21.6.2003, 2.57

When I first start FDFmod.exe a box pops up and says
Addon 'S_O_FDF requires addon 'Kolo'
And when I try to play the first single player mission
(As An Eagle Flies)
it says it cant load mission missing a addon called (mini) I've looked for these addons but can not find them .
I also installed
(Winter Nogojev.) and (Russian Weapons pack 1.1) that the readme file told me to install just downloaded this today June 20 ,2003
If anyone can help thanks

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Post by Una » Sat, 21.6.2003, 10.18

You haven't patched your resistance to 1.90 or you have deleted the BIS addons bicycle (kolo) and Mini cooper aka. car small (mini). FDFMod requires resistance version 1.90 or 1.91.

We would also appreciate if you could use the mod's forums at
FDFMod Homepage
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