Fdf mod. error in readme

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Post by 98-1058240294 » Tue, 15.7.2003, 6.56

Excuse my bad english...
In readme from FDF we can see:
Remington 870; FDF_rem870; FDF_rem870Shell,FDF_rem870Ball
Winchester Shotgun; FDF_winchester; FDF_rem870Shell,FDF_rem870Ball
Tak 2000; FDF_tak2000; FDF_tak2000Mag

But right bullets will:
"FDF_rem870buck","FDF_rem870slug"; "FDF_winchesterbuck","FDF_winchesterslug"

Sorry, but I cannot find info about tak 2000. My editor dont know weapon "FDF_tak 2000" and ammo "FDF_tak2000Mag"
If somebody can send me right names this weapon and ammo under FDF mod mapmaking to ICQ 165948943 or mail respondent@mail.ru it`s will nice
Remember: I don`t understand english. Send me only name of weapon tak 2000 and ammo for tak 2000 in FDF mod editor :)

Post by Keijo » Tue, 15.7.2003, 7.28

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