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Post by 115-1060248785 » Thu, 7.8.2003, 14.09

I have been playing the FDFmod for the last weeks and I must say I really like it! It adds a lot to Ofp that was missing. For me it is a bit like a new unofficial official patch :p . There are so many improvements that I can not name them here and only little Bugs (like mussleflash bug FIA) which seems difficult to archive.

My suggestions for FDFmod1.1 or later:

- unarmed MI17 side east
- enable the noseMG of the MI17 east
- add a ironsight view to the MGjeep
- take away the crosshair from helicopters and jeep MG´s in advanced mode (you did some great work on the MG´s alredy!)
- give pistols to some of the original BIS units: Pilots, heavy grenadier (wait you did that already :banana: ), sniper, officer, black op. Take the pilots rifles away (you could place rifles as cargo into the helicopters)
- increase the engagement range of the sniper (FIA)(yepee you fixed reloading sound and tracer :cool: )
- take away the shotgun tracers
- replace the MGeast with the NSV model (I always thought BIS just forgot to replace it)

and some dreams that you probably can not fulfill:

- walking / running / sprinting for pistols and unarmed men (the way you do with rifles)
- Russian speech for east units (well that should be up to another MOD team but maybe you could include it into your mod)

With all this said OFP would be a perfect game for me.
Thanks for your great work (it was an improvement like resistance to OFP).
I was surprised that an unofficial MOD team can do those things!


Post by 115-1060248785 » Thu, 7.8.2003, 15.28

Found out that I posted in the wrong forum...
Maybe it is of interest for you too.
Reposted in the FDFMOD forum!
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Post by Broileri » Fri, 15.8.2003, 19.18

Thank you. :)
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