Kyllikki airforce?

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Post by 70-1044272146 » Tue, 17.6.2003, 16.18

I have just seen this pic:

Maybe you will be interested on some aerial combats with our pilots :)

And even some not only infantry related combats :banana:

Seems a nice work.

Post by 98-1060537941 » Sun, 18.1.2004, 15.29

hi there bbzing lol tester ere sup ppl?
yea just ere to find out why is the f/a-18c not landable?
the gear retracts on landing and boom it neva seens to get back on the gorund everything else is no problam. wots up with that furia?

Post by Keijo » Sun, 18.1.2004, 18.08

Dunno about F/A-18C, propably not related to Kyllikki (or FDFmod, which is not what this forum is about) at all :PP :PP
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