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Post by 109-1075756745 » Mon, 2.2.2004, 23.20

Is there anyplace the new Kyllikki maps can be downloaded?
It appears that the website only hosts the older maps...

Thanks, Gentlemen!
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Post by Turms » Tue, 3.2.2004, 0.33

Well the only way for now is to join the kyllikki server, and ofp saves all mp maps in a folder called mpmissionscache, the just copy the missions from there..

Post by 109-1075756745 » Tue, 3.2.2004, 17.21

sounds do i join the kyllikki server?
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Post by Inef » Tue, 3.2.2004, 19.08

First you will join to Kyllikki Irc chanel (#kyllikki @quakenet).
There you will get more information about server , password etc..

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Post by Rodrigo » Mon, 9.2.2004, 1.20 :p

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