Fdfmod 1.2 multiplayer performance hotfix - Install this

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Post by feersum » Tue, 16.3.2004, 19.19

There is a slight bug in FDFMod 1.2, which causes noticeable lag (and annoying noise =) ) in multiplayer games when lots of tanks are simultaneously burning. Bug causes explosions to be created not only where vehicle is local but in all clients, which for example in game of 24 players causes 23 extra explosions to be created.

You can download hotfix here


Uncompress this archive and copy extracted scripts.pbo to finmod\dta directory under your flashpoint installation directory, overwriting old one. DO NOT copy this file into OFP's Dta directory.

This fix does not cause incompatibilities between patched and non-patched clients, unless server is configured explicitly to check for scripts.pbo, although it is recommended that all players joining game do have this patch installed since every patched client reduces amount of lag generated by extra explosions.
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