Concerning the Geneva Conventions
In the spring of 2023, LDD Kyllikki initiated a focused effort to capture enemy combatants, a campaign that extended throughout the year.

The operation involved two dozen engagements with enemy forces, during which a number of enemy soldiers were captured, including privates, NCOs and the commanding officer of a supply depot.

Vänr Scottz, ylik Kuik and alik Pionjaer took four prisoners and survived to escort them back to the HQ.

Vänr Scottz captured two of the prisoners. In recognition of his performance vänr Scottz has been awarded Viikonloppuvapaa (VLV).

Happy new year 2024!
LDD Kyllikki kicks off the new year with plenty of action. If you thrive on extended hours and modest compensation, consider joining. Rest assured, the chances of encountering any life-threatening risks or permanent injuries are minimal.